​Sustainable manufacturing is the process of resources into products with minimal negative environmental impact. Design considerations includes recycled materials that can be disassembled and recycled after their useful life, ie: cradle to cradle. 

By tapping into the leading Recycled Materials Suppliers, we strive to build our products with the latest technology in UV stable, and highest quality available. Our products contribute to LEEDS certification credits. 

Understanding the unique engineering attributres of these materials, we bring the most innovative and latest products to life without compromising structural margins. 

​The use of the CNC Machine production in the manufacture of all our products ensures consistent tolerances, and quality control. Mortise & tenon joinery is our trademark method of furniture construction, and all fastening utilizes marine grade stainless steel hardware, leaving no compromise to excellence. 

​Outdoor Design Studio has a singular goal with our Soldura  brand of products.To deliver optimal quality in casual dining and commercial site amenities. 

Each piece sanctifies a beautiful design, and well executed craftsmanship. 

Our group has over 30 years experience in Recycled Plastic Lumber fabrication. 

Our design and product techniques ensure maximum durability with minimal maintenance. 

You or your guests can enjoy our premium collections to compliment your amenities for years to come.