Closed: 42"W x 48"D x 17.5"H

Setting 3 - Fully open

Adjustable Shade Heights

Pool Ledge (Partially Submersible) Single Day Beds


Chaise Lounges with built in Cabanas

Setting 2 - 3/4 open

Playa (Partially Submersible) Day Bed


Canyon Double & Single Chaise with Cabana

Pool Ledge (Partially Submersible) Day Bed


Conveniently Stores Upright

Island Double Chaise with Cabana


Open: 42"W x 48"D x 49"H

Cabana shown with Sol Bresa Chaise Lounge

Made entirely from non corrosive

components and molded high

impact resin. Canopy made using

Sunbrella Fabrics. Lightweight and

rolls easily on paved surfaces. Fits

most chaise lounges up to 32" wide.

Setting 1 - 1/2 open